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Wines / Barolo DOCG Sarmassa

Barolo DOCG Sarmassa

Grape-variety: Nebbiolo sub-varieties Lampia and Michet

Location: Sarmassa in the village of Barolo

Pruning: Guyot (6-8 buds)
Position: south
Vines/hectare: average 5000
Yield in grapes: 5-5.5 t/ha
Year of planting: 1970/1980
Altitude: 250-260 metres


Crushing and de-stemming, maceration on the skins for approx. 15-20 days at a maximum temperature of 29-31°C. After drawing off and the first rackings, the wine is aged in Slavonian oak casks and small 500-litre barrels made of French oak (Allier) for around 18 months. It completes its maturation in stainless steel, prior to bottling; the bottles are then stored lying down for at least 6 months before labelling and shipping.

Organoleptic Characteristics, Preservation

Very deep ruby-red; still rather fresh nose, with hints of red berries steeped in delicate vanilla; dry, full taste, packed with body and structure combined with polyphenolic compounds that cater for lengthy ageing. 
This is a fine, on the whole still “young” wine showing great potential. It will be at its best after 3-4 years stored lying down in cool, dark surroundings. Serving recommended in large glasses at a temperature of 17-18°C.


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