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Wines / Barolo DOCG del Comune di Barolo

Barolo DOCG del Comune di Barolo

A blend of the wines from the most famous crus in the Barolo township. Elegance and fruit combine with power and full body, giving this Barolo intense notes of small red fruit, chocolate and vanilla in a fusion that surprises and satisfies.
Elevage for 18-24 months in French tonneaux and large casks.

Variety: Nebbiolo subvarieties Lampia and Michet
Grape origin: in Barolo township
Vineyards: Guyot pruning (6-8 shoots)
Exposure: south-southeast
Density: 4500 vines per hectare on average
Yield per hectare: 50-55 quintals
Years planted: 1970 - 1980
Elevation: 250 - 260 metres


Crushing and destemming; maceration with skins for 10 days in traditional vats with rotating paddles.
Rack and return to improve extraction of polyphenols.
Elevage in barrels of 300-500 litres for about 18 months.
Repose in steel tanks prior to bottling.
Bottle-aged horizontally prior to packaging and shipping.

Organoleptic Characteristics

Deep ruby red colour; intense nose of red fruit with tertiary notes of oak and vanilla.
Round and compact; visible tannins with splendid fruit.
Complex and complete, full-bodied, intense fruit and rounded tannins.


Will peak after 2-3 years of bottle-ageing horizontally in a cool and dark place.
Serve at 17-18°C in tasting glasses


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