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Wines / Barbera d'Alba DOC la

Barbera d'Alba DOC  la

Vine: Barbera

Vineyards: South-west and South -est facing with Guyot pruning

(6-8 buds / vine)

N° Vines / hectare: 4.500

Yield / hectare: 80 q / Ha

Plant year: 1978 and 2007


Soft pressing of grapes, maceration with grapeskins for 8/10 days at a maximum temperature of 28°C and immersion of remounting marcs.

During spring the wine is decanted into wooden or steel casks where it stays for 10 months and then it is bottled.

The bottled wine is laid down for 3-4 months before packaging and consignment.

Organoleptic Characteristics, Preservation

With an intense ruby-red colour, the Barbera has a full bouquet which with oxygenation opens out into plum and violet scents with a hint of resins and spices. It has a full, warm and lingering flavour.

We recommend drinking it from the second to the sixth year at a temperature of 17°-18°C.


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